This week, I have a guest blogger named Melanie Wolfe, who recently visited the Oregon Coast after hiking a section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon.  She will share with you her experience here.

Our Precious Oregon Weekend


Melanie S. Wolfe

I scanned the beach house ads, one after another, looking for something we could afford. This was a special weekend, and I wanted to make everything perfect.  My husband and children were driving from Oklahoma to pick me up after my hiking trip on the PCT, and I hadn’t seen them in almost a month—the longest we had ever been separated.  They had never seen the Oregon Coast, so I was excited to be with them again and witness their awe of this majestic state.  I knew they would love it.

Finally, I found an ad for a beach house I could afford.  It was a giant three story house in Lincoln City just one block from the beach, and I got it for $250 a night.  It was so big it could sleep 20 people easily.  Once I got the keys, I lit-up the fireplace and turned Pandora on and waited for our little SUV to pull up.


When they arrived several hours later, I jumped up off the chase, flew out the door and down the stairs.  They were here, they were finally here!  I grabbed my kids and hugged them as they told me all about a scary black forest they had to drive through to get here. My husband and I embraced, and I was home and whole again.

Everyone was starving, and being that Lincoln City was mostly made-up of Mom and Pop restaurants, not many places were open that late.  We did find a nice restaurant, called the Wildflower Grill right off Highway 101, and the food was delicious.

Later, the kids fell asleep, and my husband and I enjoyed the fire with some wine.  The next day, I convinced him to try out the chase lounge and once he sat down, he didn’t want to leave.


That day, we enjoyed the beach with my mom and her labradorable, Angus;  I have lovingly nicknamed him Andrew because he looks like an Andrew.  He was a total bed hog while I stayed with her and he became like an adorable, yet, annoying little brother.  (You can see part of Andrew below, hiding behind my youngest in the photo.)


The beaches in Lincoln City were breathtaking and the kids had a blast exploring and hunting for glass balls.  (They’re still a little bummed we never found one.)

We spent the rest of the day touring Lincoln City with my family, stopping in quaint little shops and running into tourists from all over.  The whole time I was there in Oregon, even before my arrival in Lincoln City, I was greeted by the friendliest of people.  They were kind and many of them went out of their way to help me when I needed it most.

My girls and husband had the time of their lives that weekend and were completely present in every moment.  Watching them, seeing how excited they were over what would be the littlest of things to the locals, delighted my soul.  That’s how it was when I arrived too; seagulls, seals and seaweed, it was all cool and exciting to explore.  This is what life was about, enjoying the little things and embracing every moment with childlike wonder.

We also hung out at my sister’s house.  Below is a view from her deck.  Talk about postcard perfect views.  Her log cabin on the river was a Shangri-La; a place of profound beauty and tranquility.

I spent many wonderful days and nights in this house, enjoying the views while visiting my sister and her lovely family.  We went kayaking, played ping-pong and they showed me all around Lincoln City and Newport.  It was a special time for all of us.  The last night we were there, we all sat out on the deck with some wine and the Super Moon and talked and laughed into the night. I, we, didn’t want to leave.  It was hard saying goodbye to Oregon and harder leaving my extended family for the five day drive home.  I fell in love with Lincoln City and feel as if I left a part of me there.  My time there wasn’t just as a tourist, I was there to find my zest for life again, and I found it.

Thank you, Lincoln City.

Melanie Wolfe is an essayist and seasoned author.  You can find her wide array of works at http://www.melanieswolfe.com/.


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